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Vietnamese International Film Festival Day at UCLA

Vietnamese International Film Festival Day at UCLA

Ten short films, Q&A with the Directors, Reception

Friday, April 08, 2005
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
1200 Rolfe Hall
UCLA Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Photo of film Buoi Chieu by Kim Spurlock

7:00pm-8:30pm (Rolfe 1200)

Set 2: Movements In Waves (81 min)
Watch these emerging filmmakers generate waves of their own.

Sneak Attack Action Blood Packs
Viet Nguyen
2004/ 3 min/ DVD/ USA
The coolest toy ever!

Rob Shaw
2004/ 23 min/ DVD/ Canada
Waltz is a story about one woman's search for belonging.  The waltz represents what is most unappealing in the central character's life: monotony, repetition, and relentlessness.  But it can also represent what is beautiful about life in general: rhythm, the patterns of life, the rise and ebb of tides.  Ultimately, it becomes Lan's choice to either embrace this waltz of life, or to reject it.

Revenge 7.2
Billy-Vu Lam
2004/ 2 min/ DVD/ USA
A guy is dead. His friend is very sad and upset. He feels an urge to inflict pain upon the killer in order to get even. If he succeeds, then he'll become the killer and someone else will want to kill him for killing the original killer, even though that guy killed the current killer's friend. When will this confusing madness end?

Destination: Heaven
Billy-Vu Lam
2004/ 2 min/ DVD/ USA
One man…One way…And seven deadly ninjas in between…Why? Because it's cool. To defeat your enemy, you must focus so that you see nothing but your enemy. Attack with all your strength, and if you can't beat them, then turn around and run as fast as you can.

The Hunt
Edward Chua
2004/ 3 min/ DVD/ USA
The Hunt is a computer animated short story about a hungry caveman who is willing to go through great lengths to satisfy his hunger. The solution to his dilemma arrives in the form of a delicious dinosaur egg. However, our hungry hero's path encounters a great obstacle in the form of a large momma dinosaur. Chaos and madcap antics ensue as the caveman makes an attempt to out sneak this large lizard just so he can get some grub.

Movie Star
Viet Nguyen
2000/ 25 min/ DVD/ USA
Ray Slade, a video store clerk, is obsessed with movies.  Ray's entire identity-his speech, acitons, and thought-have all been played out before on the silver screen.  But how far does it go? Movie Star encompasses the dilemma of a young man so caught up in the world of film that he creates his own reality.

Something Fishy
Thanh "John" Nguyen
2004/ 4 min/ DVD/ USA
Fishing is the only sport where one player doesn't know that he's playing. In this light, humorous commentary, we see Lou, an unsavory fisherman, spending an afternoon trying to catch the BIG one.  When it finally bites, Lou's joy quickly turns to fear when he becomes the catch of the day.

What's for Dinner, Dear?
John Nguyen
2004/ 4 min/ DVD/ USA
A 1950's infomercial + a dollop of Sriracha = Tasty idea

A Soul Apart
Van M. Pham
2004/ 16 min/ DVD/ USA
Newcomer Chris Nguyen, Tien Pham (Haunted Boat), Long Nguyen (Journey From the Fall, First Morning), and Kathy Nguyen (Spirits) star in this tragic story of revenge and redemption.
In a world of Gods and gangsters, Paul (Chris Nguyen) stands alone at a cross road in his life.  With love's loss and the ultimate betrayal, the only way for him to find peace is to confront the past that haunts him. Paul returns to an old mentor, a Buddhist monk (Long Nguyen), in attempt to search for a path to salvation. After an enlighten revelation, Paul discovers the truth to his redemption. "We are what we have been, but what we will be is what we do now..."

Buoi Chieu
Kim Spurlock
2004/ 10 min/ DVD/ USA
A ghost returns home for a rainy afternoon.  Drawn by the grief of her husband and the desire to experience the vestiges of physical sensation, the spirit of the family matriarch comes calling.

8:30pm-9:00pm - Q & A - Tiep xuc vôi khan gia

9:00pm-10:00pm - Meet the Artists Reception - Tiec Tra

Parking in UCLA's Lot 5 costs $7.

Cost : Free and open to the public.


Sponsor(s): Center for Southeast Asian Studies, VietNamese Language and Culture