Addressing the Legacies of Human Rights Abuse and Mass Violence: Critical Perspectives on 'Transitional Justice' from Indonesia and East Timor

A Workshop co-sponsored by the Indonesian Studies Program of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, the International Human Rights Program at UCLA School of Law, the International Institute, and the Department of History, UCLA.

A special thanks to Dr. Robert Lemelson for his generous support of this Workshop and the Indonesian Studies Program.

April 15-16, 2011
1457 Law School

The last decade has seen a surge of activity aimed at addressing the legacies of past human rights abuse and mass violence in Indonesia and East Timor. Those efforts, stimulated by the fall of the authoritarian Suharto regime in 1998 and by a rising global trend of support for 'transitional justice,' have transformed the political and social terrain in both countries.

It remains an open question, however, just how effective these initiatives have been in remedying past violations, and how useful the model of 'transitional justice' has been as a guide. To date, for example, there has been no meaningful effort to bring to justice those responsible for the violence of the past, or to compensate its many victims.

Bringing together scholars and human rights activists from Indonesia, East Timor, and North America, this two-day Workshop at UCLA will explore these problems by mapping recent 'transitional justice' initiatives, assessing the obstacles they have encountered, and offering practical proposals for a path forward. It will also consider what lessons the experience of Indonesia and East Timor may offer for other societies emerging from long periods of human rights abuse and misrule.


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Haris Azhar, KontraS

Asli Bali, UCLA

Fernanda Borges MP,
National Parliament, Timor Leste

David Cohen, UC Berkeley

Hilmar Farid, Indonesian Institute for Social History

David Kaye, UCLA

Geoffrey Robinson, UCLA

John Roosa, University of British Columbia

Dahlia Setiyawan, UCLA

Bradley Simpson, Princeton University

Neles Tebay, Fajar Timur Theological School

Kimberly Twarog, UCLA

Galuh Wandita,
International Center for Transitional Justice, Jakarta

Baskara T. Wardaya, Universitas Sanata Dharma

David Webster, University of Regina

Mary Zurbuchen, Ford Foundation