Kian Goh

Kian  Goh

Assistant Professor of Urban Planning

Department: Urban Planning
5282 Public Affairs
UCLA Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Keywords: Southeast Asia

A new assistant professor of urban planning as of Fall 2016, Kian Goh received her Master of Architecture from Yale University and her Ph.D. in Urban and Environmental Planning from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. Dr. Goh’s research investigates the relationships between urban ecological design, spatial politics, and social mobilization in the context of climate change and global urbanization. Her work has centered on sites in New York, Jakarta and Rotterdam. She also has ongoing projects on queer space and the sociopolitics of smart cities. In addition to her scholarly work, Goh is a licensed architect and co-founder of SUPER-INTERESTING!, a multidisciplinary architecture and strategic consulting practice located in Brooklyn.