• National Heritage Language Resource Center

    The Center's mission is to develop effective pedagogical approaches to teaching heritage language learners, first by creating a research base and then by pursuing curriculum design, materials development, and teacher education.

  • Italian Resource Center

    The Italian Resource Center provides interactive learning materials such as activity kits, audio tapes, DVDs, as well as textbooks, dictionaries and workbooks to teachers of Italian in Southern California.

  • National Language Service Corps (NLSC)

    Are you fluent in English and another language? Consider joining the National Language Service Corps!

  • High School Summer Language Program

    Heritage language classes in Armenian, Korean, Persian and Russian are offered to high school students.

  • Flagship Programs

    Flagship Programs, developed under The Language Flagship, are part of the National Security Education Program's commitment to advance language proficiency in languages critical to national security. The programs address the urgent and growing need for American students across disciplines to advance to academic/professional levels of competency. UCLA is currently the site of a Flagship Program in Russian.

  • Online Script Courses

    We created these to give high school heritage learners a head start before taking our UCLA summer courses. They are specially designed for heritage learners, taking their knowledge of basic vocabulary and oral skills into account to make a bridge to literacy.