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Image for “The Best We Could Do”: Confronting unspoken trauma through storytelling
The author/illustrator of the UCLA 2017–18 Common Book advised students how to engage with their refugee families' heritage, stressing the importance of diversifying refugee narratives to prevent future superpowers from adopting condescending “savior” attitudes.Read More

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Image for Edward Lansdale as an early proponent of counterinsurgency strategy
Speaking at UCLA on February 8, Max Boot argued that Edward Lansdale's approach to advancing...
Image for Nationwide survey illuminates forces at play in recent Iranian demonstrations
A recent telephone survey reveals much new information about Iranian voters' political behavior and renders...
Image for Train wreck: Failures of U.S. immigration policy
Sociologist Doug Massey told the UCLA Center for Mexican Studies that post-1986 U.S. border enforcement...
Image for Favela Sustainable Urban Planning
Dr. Theresa Williamson (Catalytic Communities) discusses the conditions of Rio de Janiero's favelas pre/post Olympics...
Image for Unlocking the limits of "global" capital flows
Although global capital flows supposedly transcend national borders, UCLA geographer Shaina Potts says the international...

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Image for Harduf, Israel

Harduf, Israel

Feb. 10, 2018. Wreckage of an Israeli F-16 in northern Israel. The plane was hit by Syrian anti-aircraft fire after the Israeli military shot down what it identified as an Iranian drone in Israeli airspace. Israeli forces later attacked a dozen targets inside Syria. (Photo: ©AP/ Rami Slush, 2018). This photo is licensed; do not copy or download.

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  • Image for Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies
    Originally founded in 2005 as the UCLA Israel Studies Program, the UCLA Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies is one of the nation's premier centers for education and research about the history, culture,...
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  • Image for Center for Mexican Studies
    The UCLA Center for Mexican Studies is dedicated to organizing and sponsoring graduate student and faculty research on Mexico, faculty and student exchanges with Mexican universities, and Mexico-related events at UCLA. The Center promotes collaborative...
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  • Image for Center for Middle East Development
    Through conferences, task forces, publications and other programming, CMED explores key subjects for the region, including: Arab-Israeli issues, Gulf security, Mediterranean security, regional business and economics, technological cooperation, regional strategic cooperation, and democratic culture and...
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  • Image for Center for Brazilian Studies
    The purpose of the Center for Brazilian studies at UCLA is to encourage cooperative research and academic initiatives between UCLA and Brazil. Our mission is to promote greater understanding and involvement with Brazil including academia,...
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    As a US Department of Education, Title VI National Resource Center, The Center for European and Russian Studies (CERS) provides a pan-European perspective for scholars and students from a wide range of disciplines. Originally established...
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