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Felton Perry


Master's Degree
  • Class of 2008
  • Master's Degree(s): African Studies MA
  • Additional Master's Degree(s): MA, Spanish -- UCSB (2003)
While At UCLA

United States Marine Corps;

Graduate Research:
He is interested in learning as much as possible about human bondage as it was practiced internally on the continent in the pre-colonial, pre-Trans-Saharan Slave Trade, pre-Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and pre-Indian Ocean Slave Trade periods. He hopes that his research will discover the traditions that facilitated the active participation of many indigenous societies in the intercontinental human commodities' markets. His aim is not to accuse any one, some, or all ethnic groups and nations, but to become more aware of the unfortunate practices that have resulted in an almost thousand years old external Diasporas which according to some reports appears to continue into the present. He believes that historical familiarity will perhaps be a great aid in promoting national and international conversations within the African human family He wants to encourage greater cooperation that will mutually benefit all who recognize the need to build bridges founded on understanding and respect.

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