International Careers Bibliography

The PDF file lists references on international careers from the Career Center's extensive library.


Open the PDF file to see resources on the following topics which are available from the Career Center Library:

  • International Career Directories
  • Careers in International Affairs
  • Overseas Summer Jobs
  • International Business Careers
  • Careers in International Law
  • Careers using Foreign Language Skills
  • International Education and Teaching Abroad
  • Careers in Travel and Tourism
  • International Development & Volunteer Opportunities
  • Foreign Service-Department of State Careers
  • International Media Careers
  • Information Guides on Foreign Countries
  • General Job Search Strategies (including interview questions and answers, sample cover letters & resumes, guides to internet job searching).

Be sure to utilize the Career Center in finding jobs and internships,



Download file: International-Careers-Bibliography.pdf

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