Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS) - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Eligibility

1. Q: Who is eligible to receive a FLAS fellowship? UCLA graduate and undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who are studying a FLAS-eligible foreign language and associated area studies.  Undergraduate FLAS recipients must be studying the language at the intermediate or advanced level.

2. Q: I am an incoming student. Can I apply for a FLAS? Yes, if you will be a UCLA graduate student or a transfer undergraduate student. If you are selected for a FLAS fellowship, your award will be contingent upon your acceptance into UCLA. Incoming undergraduate freshmen are not eligible.

3. Q: I am a current UCLA undergraduate. Am I eligible? Yes. If you are selected for a FLAS fellowship, you need to be enrolled during the fellowship period and studying the target language at the intermediate level or higher.

4. Q: I am student who will be graduating this spring. Am I eligible to apply for a FLAS? No.  Recipients must be an enrolled student to receive a FLAS fellowship.  Students who have completed their UCLA coursework in the Spring may be able to receive a Summer FLAS fellowship if they postpone graduation until the end of the summer.

5.  Q: I currently have a FLAS fellowship. Can I re-apply? Yes.

6.  Q: I am interested in applying for a FLAS for a language outside of the target languages list. Am I still eligible? Yes, if the language is relevant to the world area to which you are applying.  Final determination is contingent on approval by the U.S. Department of Education. 

7.  Q: Are professional school students eligible for a FLAS? Yes. Professional school students, particularly MA-level students, are especially encouraged to apply.  Summer fellowships are especially recommended for professional school students. During the Academic Year, every FLAS fellow is required to take one language course and one area studies course each quarter.  Professional school students should work with the FLAS coordinator as well as their departmental graduate advisor to determine if their program can accommodate Academic Year FLAS course requirements.

Questions about the Application

8. Q: Where do I find the application for a FLAS fellowship? FLAS applications are online and can be accessed at the center sites below.

9.  Q: Can I apply for both Summer and Academic Year FLAS fellowships? Yes, but you must submit a separate application for each.

10. Q: I am a graduate student applying for a beginning level language FLAS. I have no knowledge of the language. Do I still need to have a language evaluator?  No.

11. Q: I am an incoming UCLA graduate student and I don’t have a student ID number yet. What do I do? In the online application, fill in the student ID number field with 9 zeros (000000000).

12. Q: I started the application but I’m not ready to submit. Can I save what I’ve done and return to make changes?  Yes. The application allows you to save your work and return to make changes during the application process any time before the deadline. There is a convenient Save button on every page of the application. Please note that “saving” the application is not the same as “submitting” it.  You do need to “submit” the application for it to be considered official.  (You can continue to make changes before the deadline even if you have already “submitted” the application, but again, these must be “saved.”)

13. Q: How do I submit my transcripts, CV, etc.?  All supporting documents, including your transcripts, must be uploaded to the online application. First, scan and save your transcripts to your computer. Then, in the application, browse for them and make sure that you click the Upload button to attach your documents to the application. Each required document should be saved as a single file. The application only accepts one upload per required field.

14.  Q: Do I need to identify a language program on my summer FLAS application? Yes. For UCLA courses please indicate the course title and number. For programs outside of UCLA, please describe the summer program in detail and provide the web link to the program (if any). If awarded, you will need to provide evidence that the language program meets the following requirements:

a. Beginning and intermediate levels: 140 contact hours of instruction, over a minimum of six (6) weeks.

b. Advanced level: 120 contact hours of instruction, over a minimum of six (6) weeks.

15. Q: I’m applying for a summer program. Is the FLAS application on the UCLA International Institute website the only one I need to complete, or do I need to complete a separate application with the summer program I’m applying to?  You need to apply for the FLAS fellowship separately from your application to the actual summer program.  Your FLAS fellowship will be contingent upon your admission to the actual program.

16. Q: What should recommenders discuss in the letter of recommendation? The recommender should be able to speak about your overall academic qualifications and the relevance of language training to your specific academic and career goals.

17. Q: Do I need to submit separate applications for summer and academic year FLAS? Yes, if you are applying for both summer and academic year, you need to submit two applications and request separate letters of recommendation and language evaluations for each.

18. Q: Can the recommenders submit hard copies of the letters of recommendation? No. Application documents are submitted entirely online.

19. Q: Is it possible to apply to two different centers for two separate languages? Yes. Please notify the FLAS coordinators of your intent to apply to both centers. One separate, complete application is required for each center. If awarded, you will only be allowed to accept one FLAS Fellowship.

21. Q: I’m applying for the FLAS Summer Fellowship. What should I list in my detailed budget? List all your anticipated expenses, including tuition, transportation, housing, supplies, and food. You should also list other fellowships or sources of support in addition to FLAS that you anticipate receiving.

Questions about Implementation

22. Q: Is a FLAS fellow allowed to work during the fellowship award period? FLAS fellows are allowed to work during the award period but cannot be required to work in exchange for the FLAS fellowship.  Check with your FLAS coordinator. Some Centers limit the amount of student employment of fellowship recipients.

23. Q: Can I study at the beginning level outside the United States (graduate students only)? No, unless there is no equivalent language program in the United States.

24. Q: I’m a graduate student doing dissertation research. Can I use my academic year FLAS fellowship for dissertation research?  Yes, but special permission is required and this is the lowest priority.

25. Q: Can I take my coursework with a “pass/fail” grade? No. The courses must be taken for a letter grade if one is offered.

26. Q: What is a contact hour? A contact hour is one hour of face-to-face instruction.

27. Q: How do I know which courses fulfill the FLAS requirements? When in doubt, check with your FLAS coordinator. 

28. Q: Can I fulfill my FLAS course requirements through an independent study? Check with your FLAS coordinator about this possibility.

Question about Reporting

29.  Q: What are the reporting requirements?   There are several.  FLAS recipients are required to submit a post- fellowship self-evaluation through the online reporting system of the U.S. Department of Education.  In addition, students must have an instructor submit a language proficiency evaluation at the beginning and end of the fellowship period.  Finally, FLAS recipients are required to provide information every two years following graduation about their ongoing use of the target language and employment for 8 years following graduation from UCLA. FLAS recipients must provide their current contact information to the UCLA center awarding their FLAS in compliance with this requirement.

UCLA Contact Information

UCLA Latin American Institute(Quechua, Portuguese, Nahuatl, and Advanced Spanish)

Veronica Zavala (310) 825-4572

UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies (Indonesian, Filipino/Tagalog, Khmer, Thai, and Vietnamese)

Nguyet Tong  (310) 206-9163

UCLA Asia Pacific Center (East Asia FLAS) (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)

Aaron Miller  (310) 825-0007 

UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies (Middle East FLAS) (Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish)

Johanna Romero  (310) 825-1181