The Gender of the Number, the Gender of the Card: On the (Im)materiality of Governance and Biometric Identity in India

Prof. Lawrence Cohen, UC Berkeley

Wednesday, March 05, 2014
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
UCLA Public Affairs 2355


Lawrence Cohen is a Professor in Anthropology and South and Southeast Asian Studies and the co-director of the Medical Anthropology Program. His research in South Asia has included the following: aging, postcoloniality, and rhetorics of family decline; Ayurveda and its contemporary transformations; the popular folklore of Ganesh; and AIDS prevention and the emergence of kothi identities. His award-winning book No Aging in India: Alzheimers, the Bad Family, and Other Modern Things, appeared in 1998. He is currently writing a book on homosexuality, politics, and commodity aesthetics, and on renal transplantation, the Indian market in organs, and the relation of the operation to modernity and development more generally.

Cost : Free


Sponsor(s): Center for India and South Asia, Anthropology, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, Luskin School of Public Affairs (Dept. of Public Policy), and Institute for Society and Genetics