How to Improve the Capacity of Public Policy Implementation in the Republic of Korea?

Youngse Mun, Korea National Defense University

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
11371 Bunche Hall


In the past, Public Policy Implementation (PPI) was regarded as a mechanical process that would be successfully carried out if public policy making process was done properly, and thus public policy making was focused on. However, recently in R.O.K., a number of serious problems arose in the process of PPI. Social conflicts and struggles in the process of PPI have resulted in the public budget wastage of tens of millions to tens of billions of in USD terms, and have often threatened the societal security. This paper analyzes the diverse theories on PPI and suggests a comprehensive framework of successful PPI. Within such a framework, this paper argues that the following are especially crucial: i) forbiddance on political abuse, ii) autonomy of relevant civilians, iii) emotional management in public policy, and iv) social capitals in public policy.

Youngse Mun is a Professor of the Department of Military Administration at Korea National Defense University, and a visiting scholar of UCLA in 2014. He is especially interested in Public Finance, Budgeting, Policy Analysis, and Policy Evaluation. His researches have been published in many public administration and public policy journals. Email:


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