UCLA's Monica Meng with Jinling students.

Jinling High School, Nanjing, China

Jinling High School Profile

Jinling High School (金陵中学), founded in 1888, is one of China’s “100 Key Schools” and amongst Nanjing’s top public high schools. Located in downtown Nanjing, the campus was part of the Nanking Safety Zone during the Nanjing Massacre in 1937.

Jinling High School has graduated over 100,000 students including a Nobel Laureate in Literature and other famous scientists in Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Biology.

The Nanjing Jinling High School - UCLA Global Classroom Program

Since 2010, Nanjing Jinling High School and UCLA Global Classroom have collaborated to build the "China-America Program" (known in Nanjing as Zhongmei Ban中美班).  Zhongmei Ban students take courses in the Chinese National and AP Curriculums, supported by UCLA  credit-bearing courses and staff.  The joint program is well-known amongst parents in Nanjing.  For more information about Jinling High School and the Zhongmei Ban Program please see:

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