UCLA-Jinling Students at UCLA Summer Sessions (2013).

Student Testimonials

Que Zige—Class of 2015

“The greatest thing about Zhongmei Ban was getting to know all my UCLA professors and teachers. What I learned from them wasn't only how to become a good student but also how to find my own way to become a better self. They always inspired and supported me to think differently when I encountered difficulties. I am ready for both college and any unknown challenges in the future.”

Que Zige graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend UCLA as a History major in Fall 2015.

Liu Kaiwen—Class of 2015

“The UCLA Global Classroom at Jinling High School is one of the best academic experiences I have ever had. It is a specialized program where students and teachers interact closely with each other to exchange ideas, develop their critical thinking skills, and learn from each others' diverse experiences. Through the program, I met UCLA professors who have become both my teachers and mentors. It has also enabled me to grow intellectually and socially with my classmates and friends. I have really enjoyed the time I have spent in UCLA Global Classroom and highly recommend it to those who want rigorous academics and a supportive learning atmosphere while in high school.”

Liu Kaiwen graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend Columbia University in Environmental Engineering in Fall 2015.

Wu Han—Class of 2015

“The UCLA-Jinling Program provided me with great opportunity to learn English, AP, and UCLA courses, giving me the chance to interact and communicate closely with lovely teaching assistants, responsible American professors, and even professional admission officers. It had a strong and competitive academic atmosphere that encouraged me to participate and work hard to get an A.”

Wu Han graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend UCLA as an Applied Mathematics Major in Fall 2015.

Wang Yifan (Frank)—Class of 2015

“Zhongmei Ban led me to a whole new world. We have such great professors and teachers, and the program is a big family where everyone can comfortably seek help and grow. Being a member of Zhongmei Ban is not only about learning and testing, but also about getting in touch with the whole world.”

Wang Yifan  graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend UCLA in Fall 2015 focusing on the Biological Sciences.

Xu Yunwen—Class of 2015

“The Jinling-UCLA Program provides professional and diverse courses. The UCLA professors and other teachers here are outstanding, and I look forward to seeing more young students engaging with them and building a better world.”

Xu Yunwen  graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend the University of Minnesota in Fall 2015 studying Pre-Med.

Zhu Cenxiao—Class of 2015

“In these past three years, Zhongmei Ban provided me an opportunity to learn a new attitude about life, a way to hold my own destiny. By learning UCLA Extension courses and working with UCLA professors and teachers here, I achieved a different world view and understood that students’ responsibility is not just to study, but also to use knowledge as a power to dominate their own lives, to feel the beauty of the world and to tell what they truly want.”

Zhu Cenxiao graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend the University of California-Davis in Fall 2015 interested in International Relations.

Zhou Haiyun—Class of 2015

“The UCLA Globa Classroom courses I took in the past two years were great. Two of my favorites, American History and Human Geography developed my critical thinking. Also, the discussion sections helped me review the course readings and understand the main argument of the authors. I believe that these skills I learned in UCLA Global Classroom will help adapt me better in university.”

Zhou Haihun graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend George Washington University in the Fall of 2015 studying Sociology.

Dong Ping—Class of 2015

“UCLA Global Classroom brought me an extraordinary experience of what a college course is like! I have never felt so closely connected to my professors, whom I used to think as “holy” and “unreachable." Taking the UCLA courses enabled me have a view of what college study is like, and more importantly, it strengthened my faith to go to UCLA!”

Dong Ping graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and will attend UCLA in the Fall of 2015 interested in Business Economics.

Wang Yi Fan—Class of 2015

“In the past three years, I grew from a passive student to one that takes the initiative to study. The UCLA teachers and my classmates gave me a lot of help when I felt lost and tired. I will never forget this amazing experience.”

Wang Yifan graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2015 and began studying at the University of Indiana-Bloomington in Fall 2015.

Chen Di (Marina)—Class of 2013

"Zhongmei Ban’s excellent UCLA teachers provided me with valuable suggestions which guided me through my transition between Chinese high school and American college. They not only instilled me with professional knowledge, but also shared their personal experiences with me. Through talking to them, I expanded my horizons and was able to perceive the world in different ways. I am grateful for the time I spent in Zhongmei Ban with a team of such admirable teachers."

Chen Di graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2013, and now attends UCLA majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Environmental Health.

Zhou Zhuangchen (Johnson)—Class of 2012

“Zhongmei Ban is a like a big family with an open relaxed learning environment, and totally different from the examination based system. In this environment, I learned to be open and calm, to fight for my own life goals and to study for myself.”

Zhou Zhuangchen graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2012, and started studying Journalism at Tufts University in Fall 2012.

Kong Lingjie (Kimi)—Class of 2011

"The most important thing that I learned from my time in Zhongmei Ban was thinking big, but starting small. The UCLA professors there have a tremendous amount of insight, experience, and knowledge about not only what they teach, but also how to help each individual student."

Kong Lingjie graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2011, University of California, San Diego in 2015 in Mechanical Engineering, and began pursuing his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in Fall 2015.

Wang Ziwei—Class of 2011

“As a student planning on studying abroad, Zhongmei Ban was a great choice. The program helped me transition, and the UCLA professors teach at the real university level. Also, the discussions, workshops and other English classes are great opportunities to learn. I was very luck to have met so many classmates with a similar goal. Zhongmei Ban gave me the opportunity to start achieving my dream earlier.”

Wang Ziwei graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2011 and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Xu Yalun—Class of 2011

“I miss my year with Zhongmei Ban where I met many passionate classmates with the same dream. The UCLA professors are very helpful and gave us a real taste of an American university curriculum. This allowed me to adapt to American university early than many other Chinese students. Moreover, the credits transferred and will help me graduate earlier. It was like killing two birds with one stone!”

Xu Yalun graduated from the UCLA-Jinling Program in 2011 and went on to Emory University for her bachelor's.

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