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Image for Modernization stalls in Russia under Putin
At a recent book talk, Daniel Treisman characterized the current Putin regime as an informational autocracy that relies largely on nonviolent control of information flows and the disabling of opponents. Read More

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Image for Researching renewable energy in Jakarta and Los Angeles
Sean Kennedy (UCLA 2018 Ph.D.) credits his success to support he received from both the...
Image for Autocrats are on the rise and democracy faces multiple threats
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA, 28th district), right, delivered the Bernard Brodie Distinguished Lecture on the...
Image for Reel vs. Real: Espionage on “The Americans” and real-life CIA operations
The cast of FX's “The Americans” joined former CIA officers to reveal how sex, blackmail...
Image for Rohingya crisis -- Genocide in real time demands a response
Urgent action is needed to stop or slow the violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar...


Image for Ann Kerr to deliver UCLA International Institute commencement address
A treasured colleague, Kerr has spent a lifetime promoting intercultural education and understanding....
Image for Global Development Lab continues to impress
On June 5 in Ackerman Union, members of the UCLA Global Development Lab presented poster...

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Image for Ahmadabad, India

Ahmadabad, India

April 16, 2018. Indian women protest against two recently reported rape cases: the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Indian Kashmir and the abduction and rape of a teenager in northern Uttar Pradesh state. (Photo: ©AP Photo/ Ajit Solanki), 2018.) This photo is licensed, do not copy or download.

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  • Image for African Studies Center
    The African Studies Center at UCLA was established in 1959 to further stimulate the growing national interest in the region and to develop outreach, academic, and research programs on Africa. Increased national demand for new...
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  • Image for Center for World Languages
    The Center for World Languages is a research and development unit of the UCLA International Institute and the Humanities Division of the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences. The Center brings together the University's extensive...
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  • Image for Center for Chinese Studies
    Mission Statement The Center for Chinese Studies promotes cutting-edge scholarship in all disciplines, fosters a research and teaching environment free from political and financial pressures, and makes the results of scholarly investigations available for use beyond...
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  • Image for Program on Caribbean Studies
    The Program will promote studies of the greater Caribbean, rather than restricting its focus to the Spanish-­‐speaking nations, given that nations such as Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic have much in common, in many...
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    The Burkle Center for International Relations fosters cutting edge research and interdisciplinary and policy-oriented teaching on the contemporary world and the role of the United States in global security, military, political, social and economic affairs....
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Water in the middle east and africa: A nexus of cooperation and conflict