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Japan Tokyo Shinjuku Signage

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Korea Spring of Insadong 08

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Town Scene

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China-6455 - Zhen Wu Temple
East Asian Studies

About the East Asian Studies M.A. Program

The M.A. degree in East Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program intended to enable students to develop a broad understanding of an individual East Asian culture or to engage in comparative study of two or more East Asian cultures.

Students pursuing the East Asian Studies M.A. are normally expected to concentrate on one particular country by choosing a variety of courses in various departments. These may include those covering other areas of Asia, those partially covering East Asia, Asian-American Studies, as well as relevant methodology and theory courses. Upon petition to the program and with the consent of the student's faculty advisor, individual programs may be designed to fit specific interests.

In most cases, the M.A. degree in East Asian Studies is suitable for those who seek to develop a general range of knowledge of the area as preparation for careers in fields such as journalism, business, law, government service, public health, or secondary school preparation.  Many of our students continue their studies in Ph.D. programs in variety of fields. 

Areas of Study

The program recognizes three areas of specialization: China, Japan, and Korea. Comparative fields may be incorporated into an area of specialization with consent of the student's faculty advisor.

Graduate Students

MA '16

I'm studying East Asian Comparative Literature (Chinese and Korean Literature). I'm interested in how a nation's level of information access and information literacy affect the production and contents of literature...

BA '16, MA '16

I am focusing my studies on Chinese political authority. I am interested in the evolution and transformation of power in relation to economic, political, and social progression and change in...

MA '17

I would wish to focus my studies and research on ethnic relations in China or the literary and artistic expression of some ethnic minorities in China.

MA '17

I'm interested in modern Chinese politics. I hope I can learn more about it at UCLA.

MA '17

At UCLA, I hope I can take classes on Japanese linguistics, Japanese women studies, and/or contemporary Japanese literature.

BA '16, MA '16

My research interests are the connections between Korean food and digital media in relation to the introduction and learning of the Korean language. I'm interested in researching how the connectivity...

MA '17

My research interest lies in cross-cultural, artistic exchanges between Japan and Korea in the 20th century.

MA '17

At UCLA, I wish to study the cultural history of East Asian region by researching its visual culture in 14th century with a foundation of literature, history, and philosophy. I...

MA '16

My particular interests concern historical urban development in late 19th century and early 20th century China. Specifically I'm trying to discern the impact of late 19th century Han migration into...

MA '17

Her focus is modern Japanese history.

MA '17

I am interested in focusing on Chinese art history and religious study at UCLA.

MA '17

By focusing on contemporary Chinese politics during the graduate, I hope I will be able to learn how to understand Chinese politics and society so that I could give explanations...

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