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Image for Uproar over museum appointment
Apr. 6 2018. Speaking to the New York Times about the appointment of a white woman as a part-time curator of African art at the Brooklyn Museum, UCLA Director of the African Studies Center Steven Nelson notes that few African Americans are specialists in African art : "Art history as a whole has done 'a very poor job of recruiting a diverse pool,' he said, adding that 'African art history in the U.S. is primarily white and female.'”
Image for Putin regime authoritarian and incompetent
Mar. 14, 2018. Writing in The Washington Post, UCLA's Dan Treisman says Russia has two modes of governance: autopilot and manual control. "Both systems involve corruption and power networks, as well as arbitrary and sometimes inhumane methods," he says. "Neither is very effective, although both can get results."
Image for 5 Things 2018 Will Bring to the Middle East
In a piece for "The Conversation" of U.S. News & World Report, James Gelvin predicts that the prospects for peace are likely to get worse in the region this year.
Image for Listen to Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala in "Are We Approaching the End of Days?"
Interview from Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton by Vanity Fair.
Image for Kevan Harris interviewed on protests in Iran
Jan. 3, 2018. UCLA sociologist Kevan Harris spoke about ongoing protests in Iran on "Air Talk," a radio interview show of local NPR affiliate KPCC, noting that many demonstrations are taking place in smaller cities in the provinces. Also see his comments in The Observer.
Water in the middle east and africa: A nexus of cooperation and conflict