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Workshop participants- for those of you who would like to continue to work on your pages, use the link below to download the entire site to your computer where you may continue to develop it further, or simply practice working with Dreamweaver. Once you are ready to upload your new pages to the ISOP server, send me an email and I will provide the username and password you will need.
Click on the 'workshop.zip' link below and save the file to your desktop. You may need Winzip (PC) or Aladdin Expander (MAC/PC) to 'unzip' the file. You now have a folder called 'workshop', which is your site folder that you can use to 'define a site' in Dreamweaver or other program.
If you do not have Macromedia Dreamweaver already, you can download a free, 30 day trial version of Dreamweaver 4 from Macromedia's website:
The Dreamweaver site also has useful links for learning the program- look under 'product resources'

For anyone wanting to try a different software package, I also recommend Adobe GoLive 5, available as a free trial from Adobe's site:
This page also has 30 day free trials of Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe software.

There are also many sites like TUCOWS.COM on the web that offer freeware (free programs) and shareware (relatively inexpensive programs). For example, a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop is a program called Graphic Converter. The link below has a tutorial for using Graphic Converter and also a link for downloading the program:
Graphic Converter

Another useful link is to a website that has tutorials for many programs:

Tutorial Search

For anyone wanting to learn more about html tags, the text based way to create web pages, here is a beginners guide:
NCSA Archive

Other excellent resources for web design and general guides to using the internet are offered at HotWired's Webmonkey: