Monday, October 16, 2017

The UCLA Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies is proud to announce that UCLA has officially joined the Global Leadership Program at Waseda University, an exchange program that allows American students access to special academic programs and classes at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

The Global Leadership Fellows Program at Waseda University provides the opportunity to study a wide range of courses in English, participate in small seminars (zemi), meet Tokyo political and business leaders, build close relationships with Japanese students, and develop leadership skills necessary for the 21st century. In addition, housing will be provided free of cost.

Interested students should apply through UCLA EAP and choose Waseda University as their preferred destination. Two students will then be selected for the Global Leadership Program by a committee of Japanese Studies faculty at UCLA.

For more information about this opportunity, please visit the Waseda University GLP homepage and the UCLA EAP homepage.

The aim of the Global Leadership Program is to nurture leaders who can function confidently in an increasingly borderless world and make decisions that are principled, balanced, and informed.

Every age needs leaders.Ours is an age that needs leaders of a special kind, leaders who think beyond boundaries. Not long ago the Pacific Ocean was seen as an immense divide, separating "East" from "West" and forming a kind of barrier between distinct worlds, each whole unto itself and wary of the other. Wars and natural disasters, migrations and shared talents, technological genius and economic miracles have brought those worlds together and formed a new region--the Asia Pacific--widely considered the center of a new world order. As the region's most developed democracies and sophisticated economies, the U.S. and Japan have much at stake in the shape of the region and the response to issues that emerge within it and have global importance. Each of these nations needs leaders--in every field of endeavor, politics, business, engineering and science, public health, journalism, academics and the arts--who see challenge and opportunity in the region and want to help make its future. The Global Leadership Program selects students of ambition and ability from Waseda and several prominent American universities, brings them together, immerses them in one another's culture, and through imaginative pedagogical techniques turns them into budding leaders.