Kelly McCormick

Kelly McCormick is a doctoral student in modern Japanese history whose research approaches the Japanese camera as the intersection of visual and consumer culture. She is exploring the invention, development, and marketing of the Japanese optical industries in the postwar period. Through analysis of corporate histories, advertising, design, and camera magazines marketed to camera enthusiasts, she is developing a picture of how discourses on family life, economic recovery, and national identity were deeply tied to the domestic and international success of the Japanese camera. In addition, her project sheds light on the role that the Japanese camera played in the history of international and domestic postwar photography from amateur to photojournalistic uses of new technologies to depictions of the emergence of female photographers in Japan. Before coming to UCLA, she completed an M.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University (2012) and received her B.A. from UC Santa Cruz (2008). Kelly has lived in Kagoshima, Osaka, Hakodate, Yokohama, and Tokyo, Japan.