Arfakhashad Munaim
Urban Planning and Design

Arfakhashad (AK) Munaim is a graduate student of the Urban and Regional Planning department at the Luskin School of Public Affairs. An advocate for sustainable design in revitalizing urban neighborhoods, Arfakhashad integrates the principles of New Urbanism and Smart Growth to create complete, connected, and diverse neighborhoods. As a practicing urban designer and planner, Arfakhashad works on engaging communities through ‘place-making’ principles and creating sustainable approaches towards community design. He has been involved in award-winning form-based codes, community charrettes, and design competitions while working with the City of Ventura and Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists.  Arfakhashad approaches his design and research interests using a comprehensive agenda that explores the way communities engage, negotiate and embrace the extant planning and policy regimes of their respective cities. Given this, his research explores the cultural and socio-political navigation of diaspora communities in contemporary urban environments and several long-range planning and research projects in Los Angeles, Egypt, Japan and Kenya.