Dr Hiroshi Onishi
Professor, Faculty of Global and Inter-Cultural Studies, Ferris University

Born in 1955 in Kagawa prefecture, Japan. Graduate of Waseda University’s Political Science & Economics Department with a B.A. in Political Science. Coursework completed (sans degree) at Waseda University for the M.A. program in Political Science and the Ph.D. program in Japanese Political History. Currently teaches at Ferris University as a Professor for the Faculty of Global and Inter-cultural Studies. He has also served as Associate Fellow for the Institute for Research on Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs; Representative of the Foreign Social Research Group at the Yokohama Municipal Historical Archives; Yokosuka City History Committee member; and has been involved with many other regional history preservation activities.

Major publications he authored include: “Studies in the Political History of Yokohama: Political Parties and Bureaucracy in a Modern City” (Yurindō, 2004); co-authored “Sagami Bay Landing Operation” (Yurindō, 1995); edited “Izawa Takio and Modern Japan” (Fuyō-Shobō, 2003); co-edited “A Political History of Greater Tokyo in the 1920s and 1930s” (Nihonkeizaihyōronsha, 2002) and “Seven Stories about Yokohama: History and the World as Seen from Our Region” (Ferris University Press, 2007), among others. He has contributed to several municipal works of history as well, such as “History of Yokohama II” and “History of Yokosuka City.”