Dr. Yoshio Kaneko
President, Kanagawa University; Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kanagawa University

Born in Yamagata Prefecture in 1955.
Graduated from Faculty of Commerce at Doshisha University, and then completed his doctorate at the Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University. Obtained Doctorate Degree (Economics) from Osaka University.
Appointed as Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Economics at Kanagawa University in 2003 after working at the Ministry of Labour (now the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), the Aichi Prefectural Office, the Faculty of Economics at Kumamoto Gakuen University as a full-time lecturer and the Faculty of Economics at Oita University as an assistant professor. Became Professor of the Faculty of Economics in 2007. He held successive posts such as Head of the Economics Department of the Faculty of Economics (Evening Division), Chairman of the Committee for Common Liberal Arts Education, Yokohama Campus and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Economics (Evening Division). He is currently a Councilor and Trustee of Kanagawa University.

He will assume the post of President of Kanagawa University on April 1, 2016.

His fields of specialty includes public and local finance, specifically, research on distribution of financial resources and fiscal relations among governments.
The academic societies he belongs to are Japanese Economic Association, The Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International, Nihon Toshi Gakkai, The Japan Institute of Public Finance, Japan Association of Local Public Finance and Japanese Society of Persuasion and Negotiation.