Visiting Graduate Students 2007-2008

Visiting Graduate Students 2007-2008

UCLA provides housing, airfare, living expenses, and class fees for students in Latin America to take course on Korean humanities that are not offered in their countries.

Woori Ko, Argentina

- Researcher, Institute of Linguistics, School of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires
- Head of Argentina, Living Asia (Asian Pacific Cultural Issues), Center of Korean Studies & Asia Institute, University of California, Los Angeles.
- Head of General Affairs and Korean Language courses, Korean Cultural Center in Latin America, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Argentina (중남미한국문화원. 아르헨티나 한국대사관)

- Specialty: The Spanish spoken by the Korean Community in Argentina and the Korean spoken by Argentineans


Daniela Santelices, Chile

- Political Scientist from Diego Portales University,  Chile (2007)
- MBA International Programme Adolfo Ibanez University
, Chile
- Interests: Korean economical success among South East Asian countries and how to apply it to Latin American countries. Interest in similarities between South Korean and Chile focusing on public educational policies.


Lesly Viridiana Melo, Mexico

- Bachelor of International Relation in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at National Autonomous University of Mexico.
- National Coordinator in Mexico of "Living Asia, Asia Pacific Cultural Issues”
- Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at National Autonomous University of Mexico. In Actual Relations between Mexico and Asia Pacific course and Asia Pacific course at International Relations Major.
- Interests: International Cooperation; Environment issues; Official Development Assistance; Korea's Economic Development; Political and Social issues.



Mariana Sanches, Brazil
- Bachelor of Journalism in the Faculty Cásper Líbero
- Student of Social Sciences in University of São Paulo
- Reporter at Época Magaziene, the second largest magazine in Brazil
- Interests: Korean immigration to Brazil and economic relationships among Koreans, Bolivians and Brazilians in Sâo Paulo.


Rodrigo Aballay, Chile
- Director of the Asian Institute of Culture, a nonprofit foundation that teaches culture and Asian languages: Korean and Mandarin Chinese
- Interests: Confucianism; the processes of educational reform that allowed the economic development of South Korea; building academic relations between South Korea and Latin America through Lectures about Asia Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile and founded by the UCLA Center for Korean Studies under the guidance of Director, John Duncan.


Ana Livia Agostinho, Brazil
- Bachelor of Linguistics at University of São Paulo
- M.A. student at University of São Paulo
- Interests: Linguistics, Portuguese-based creole languages of Africa and Asia, Japanese and Korean languages.


Ivan Y. Gonzales, Mexico

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