Visiting Graduate Students 2009-2010

Visiting Graduate Students 2009-2010

UCLA provides housing, airfare, living expenses, and class fees for students in Latin America to take course on Korean humanities that are not offered in their countries.

Juan Ignacio Diaz, Argentina

 - Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations (Catholic University of La Plata, Argentina)
 - Master of Arts in International Relations (International University of Andalusia, Spain)
 - Researcher at the Center for Korean Studies (CECOR) of the Institute of International Relations, National University of La Plata, Argentina.
 - Interested field in Korea: Integration and reunification process in the Korean Peninsula. Diplomatic relations and policies between North and South Korea. Power location of Korea in the East Asian region.

 Flavia Andrea Giuliano, Argentina

 - Audiovisual Communicator
 - Member of CECOR (Center of Korean Studies) University of La Plata
 - Interested in South Korean Culture and principally South Korean Cinema for the lack of tools that address the social and cultural issue that pervades the art.
 - Research on censorship in South Korean Cinema for a higher degree (a bachelor) in Planning and Investigation Cinematographic for Faculty of Bellas Artes, University of La Plata


Jessie So Young Lee, Brazil

 - Recent graduate from University of Sao Paulo (Bachelor’s degree in International Relations)
 - Research interest: Korean history, politics, immigration, culture, folklore, and cinema


Renato Ferreira Leitao Azevedo, Brazil

 - Researcher at Korean Studies Group - University of Sao Paulo (USP)
 - Collaborative Professor - Accounting Information Systems.
 - Master Degree - Accounting Education.
 - UCLA 2008 Small Research Project Grant - A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Internet-Based Tools Supporting Korean Language Learning in Latin America and South Korea
 - Research Interest: Internet-Based Tools Supporting Korean Language Learning, eLearning, Human Resource Development, Career Development, Korean Culture and Korean Cinema.

Bernardita Maria Gonzalez Lustig, Chile

 - National Institute for International Education Development Scholarship (2006)
 - Graduated Faculty of Law, Universidad de Chile (2008)
 - Interested in Korean economic development from a legal perspective.
 - Current Research: “Intellectual Property in Asia: Future Perspectives- A Comparative Analysis of China and Korea” (Awarded the Korea Foundation Fellowship 2009)

Estefania Judith Orellano, Chile

 - Law Student, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.
 - NIIED Scholarship 2009.
 - TA of "Language and Corean Culture" I and II, Prof. Wonjung Min, PUC. 2009.
 - Interests: Korean Christianity ; Freedom of speech in the Korean Legal system; Incidence of Protestant Churches in the Political and Social System in Korea; Six party talks and Sunshine Policy


Rocio Guadalupe Salinas Torres, Mexico

 - Computer Engineer from UNAM and member of AMESCO (Academia de Estudios Coreanos)
 - Thesis on online Spanish–Korean, Korean–Spanish dictionary
 - Recognition of Honor: "Ambassador of Honor the Korea Republic from Hallyu and Tourism"


Ana Lina Aguirre Valdez, Mexico
- Law student at Universidad Autonomous of Nayarit
- Attended a summer program at Kyung Hee University in Korea to study Korean language, 2008.
- Selected to represent UAN in the Winter Quarter program of Korean Studies for Latin American Students at UCLA, 2010.
- Interests: French, Korean, English; Korean International Relations -Asia-Pacific region


Published: Monday, March 08, 2010