Call for Papers: Prospects for Regional Integration in East Asia: The Role of South Korea

The Korean Studies in the Americas project, a collaborative program involving scholars at universities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and the United States funded by the Academy of Korean Studies, invites proposals for a joint research project examining the prospects for regional integration in East Asia with a focus on the position and role of Korea in that process.

There has been much talk about the possibility of regional integration in East Asia. Some degree of economic integration has already occurred and there has been increasing movement of culture and people across national borders in the region even as nationalist passions, repeatedly stirred up by unresolved historical issues and territorial controversies, seem to make some sort of political integration like that of the European Union a remote dream.

We are looking for paper proposals that will address the broad range of issues related to regional integration in East Asia, including economic aspects, political and diplomatic considerations, the movement of peoples, and cultural exchanges. Successful proposals will deal with one or more of these issues with a focus on Korea in relation to its neighbors and will also consider the implications of East Asian integration for the Americas.

This is to be a two year project. The first year, 2009-10, will be devoted to research and writing first draft papers. The second year, 2010-11, will entail a conference and revision of papers for publication in a conference volume. We are hoping to provide U.S. $2,000 in research funds for successful applicants, subject to the availability of funding from the Academy of Korean Studies.

Please send a 700-word abstract along with a short c.v. by email attachment to:

Ms. Heshin Kim
Program Representative
UCLA Center for Korean Studies

Applications must be received by November 30, 2009.

Published: Thursday, October 29, 2009