The Issue of Korean Contemporary Art in the Global Art Market

The Issue of Korean Contemporary Art in the Global Art Market

By Kyungja Hwang/CKS Post Doc and Visiting Scholars Colloquium Series

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

11377 Bunche Hall, UCLA
Los Angeles, 90095

세계 미술시장을 통해 본 한국 현대미술

This colloquium is an attempt to examine the identity of Korean contemporary art in the art world. The field of study of Asian contemporary art has recently emerged since Asian contemporary art began to absorb the attention of the global art market. Art museums and galleries proceed on specializing in Asian Contemporary art as a large sector of the contemporary art market. The spread of Asian contemporary art was caused by the force of globalization. Globalization destroyed the hierarchy in the art world, which was dominated by the West, and homogenized art. In the meantime, Korean contemporary artists struggled to find their own identities amid the globalizing art world. This research will focus on how Korean contemporary art is perceived and marketed accompanied by the recent surge of interests in the Asian contemporary art.

Kyungja Hwang received M.A. from New York University and Ph.D. from Dongduk Women’s University, Seoul. She worked in Gallery Rang, Seoul as a curator. On her dissertation she analyzed the Commercialization Phenomenon in Art Museum Management. Her own research continues on the study of contemporary art exhibition and art management in the context of global tendencies.



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