Joint Research Project II Papers on Prospects for Regional Integration in East Asia

Research Papers

Korean transnational corporations: Driving force in the processes of regional integration

By Alejandra Salas-Porras, UNAM and Juan Felipe López-Aymes, Colmex

Download File: Lopez_Salas-eb-xgy.pdf

East Asian Economic Integration Process and its Trade Implications for Mexico

By Roberto Hernández Hernández, University of Guadalajara

Download File: Hernandez-b1-mcw.pdf

Economic Integration in East Asia: Possible impacts on Latin America and Korea

By José Luis León-Manríquez, University Autonoma Metropolitana-Soximilco

Download File: Leon-2g-yvk.pdf

South Korea´s Foreign and Security Policies

By Lytton L. Guimaraes, University of Brasilia

Download File: Guimaraes-ga-kjs.pdf

Prospects for Regional Integration in East Asia: The Role of South Korea

By Jorge Rafael Di Masi, National University of La Plata

Download File: Di-Masi-c4-xc5.pdf

Dokdo/Takeshima in Context

By Martín Pérez Le-Fort, University of Chile

Download File: Perez-ug-12r.pdf