2010-2011 Small Research Grant Papers

Who has betrayed the Nation? A Cinematographic Perspective of the Collaboration

María del Pilar Álvarez, University of Buenos Aires

Download File: SRG-Alvarez.pdf

Towards a digital democracy in South Korea? An analysis of top-down model of netizens´ political participation

Bárbara Inés Bavoleo, University of Buenos Aires, Gino Germani Research Institute

Download File: SRG_Bavoleo.pdf

The Relations between Korea and China: trade and development in East Asia

Carlos Augusto Cardoso Gorito, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Download File: SRG-Gorito.pdf

Exploring the roots of cultural shock of Koreans in Brazil

Yun Jung Im, University of São Paulo

Download File: SRG-Im.pdf

Prospects for Chile-Korea relations: a turning point for economic integration?

Daniel A. Feitosa Lopes, Stockholm University

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