The UCLA Latin American Institute is a vital regional, national, and international resource on Latin America. Since its founding in 1959, the LAI has equipped generations of leaders, professionals, and students with the information and skills required for understanding the vast and complex region of Latin America. The LAI supports research by funding grants and foreign-language instruction, and disseminates recent scholarship through conferences, workshops, public programs, teacher training, and publications.


Veronica Cortinez publishes new book

The edited volume explores the cinematography of Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz.

UCLA and an international career were not on his radar screen

After earning a B.A. in Latin American Studies at UCLA in 1996, John Arboleda built a career in higher education in the U.S. and Europe. He now serves as director of special projects & innovation at Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona and runs a consulting company based in Spain.

UCLA Tops REMEZCLA's List of Latin American Studies Programs

Latin American Studies at UCLA #1 for Latino millennial digital publisher, REMEZCLA

American Society for Ethnohistory

UCLA faculty, students, and alumni will present at American Society for Ethnohistory's Annual Meeting in Oaxaca.

Explorando y conociendo nuestra cultura náhua

The 2018 Nahuatl Conference, organized and sponsored by the Western Alliance for Nahuatl, featured several panelists with the first focusing on the exploration and learning of modern Nahua culture.

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