The UCLA Latin American Institute is a vital regional, national, and international resource on Latin America. Since its founding in 1959, the LAI has equipped generations of leaders, professionals, and students with the information and skills required for understanding the vast and complex region of Latin America. The LAI supports research by funding grants and foreign-language instruction, and disseminates recent scholarship through conferences, workshops, public programs, teacher training, and publications.


Nahuatl Conference and Festival

A two-day experience celebrating Nahuatl

The Wait of Disaster

Yarimar Bonilla, University of Rutgers, spoke about the politics of recovery in Puerto Rico and political possibilities in the future.

What will happen to El Salvador when the U.S. ends the protected status of Salvadoran immigrants?

UCLA political science lecturer Jesse Acevedo discusses the consequences of ending TPS.

From Saint Domingue to Vermont

Luis Fernando Granados, Universidad Veracruzana, rethinks Latin American history within the context of bottom-up insurgences.

Tzutu Bak'tum

Mayan Hip-Hop artist Tzutu Bak'tum held an open-air public performance.

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