Finding Pachamama/Mother Earth: Environmentalism in Latin America

March 20th and 21st. Just in time for Earth Day: A 2-day winter program for K-12 educators at the UCLA Latin American Institute traces the evolution of environmentalism in Latin America from antiquity to the present. Ideal for educators wishing to enrich their knowledge of environmentalism in Latin America and incorporate new ideas into their curriculum.

Finding Pachamama/Mother Earth: Environmentalism in Latin America

The objective of this intensive two-day workshop is to examine environmental issues from Latin America’s past, present, and future. Particular attention will be given to the following themes: History, Political Science/ Economics, Art, Biodiversity, Natural Medicine, and Sociology. Following the workshop, teachers will be able to implement themes presented into their standards based lesson plans.

The workshop will be led by an expert group of scholars who will provide the historic and social context to further explore the aforementioned themes. In addition to content related sessions, the 2-day program will include curriculum development workshops. Teachers will be guided into developing curriculum materials and lesson plans that improve reading, writing, analyzing, synthesizing and communication skills, while incorporating themes from the workshop. The sessions will provide teachers with a variety of resources and call upon them to design lesson plans they can use in their classes.

Participants will gain keen insight into environmental issues as they are related to Latin America just in time for Earth Day: April 22, 2010. Furthermore, with the increase in the Latino/a immigrant population in Southern California, teachers will be equipped with important skills that will lead to understanding of the cultural heritages, histories, and struggles of Latino/a students that are recent or first-generation immigrants.

The workshop will be held March 20th and 21st. The cost of the 2 day workshop is $50 which includes course materials, parking, breakfast, and lunch.

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