History of Central America

The Latin American Institute's upcoming summer workshop for K-12 educators will explore the history, culture and people of Central America.

History of Central America

Photo: Cliff Michaels (www.flickr.com/cliffmichaels)

Days of Instruction: 

July 15 - July 20, 2013 (Monday - Saturday)
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Approved for 3 LAUSD Multicultural salary points

Brief Description:

This intensive six-day summer workshop will examine the rich and varied history of Central America from pre-conquest through the 20th century. Using specific examples from El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras, teachers will be introduced to the principal themes that have shaped the political, social, economic and cultural history of the region. Particular attention will be placed on pre-Columbian Maya societies and the forces that shaped U.S. foreign policy, revolution, rebellion, and armed conflicts in the 20th century.

The aim of the workshop is for K-12 teachers from all disciplines to gain the knowledge and tools to enhance their current standards-based curriculum with Central American content. Moreover, the workshop provides participants an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the cultural heritage, history and struggles of a region that accounts for the fastest-growing immigrant population of Latinos in the U.S.


Open to current K-12 educators in all disciplines.


$125 (Includes parking, course materials, breakfast & refreshments).


Registration for the workshop is completed in two steps:
1. Submission of short online application 
2. Online Payment (Debit/Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)

Seating is limited.

! (There is a waitlist for the workshop)
All partcipants are expected to be present and actively engaged all six-days of the workshop. In addition to classroom contact hours, paticipants are required to access reading materials, discussion questions, and other resources and assignments online via a course website (Moodle). 

To receive LAUSD salary credit, teachers are required to complete all assignments and readings and produce a curriculum development project that incorporates material learned into standards-based lesson plans centered on the workshop's themes.


For questions or more information please contact:

Cynthia Gomez