Con Mis Manos: A History of Labor in Latin America

K-12 Summer Teacher Training Workshop: July 8th through July 18, 2008: 4 LAUSD multicultural general salary credits or 4 University Extension quarter-units available.

Con Mis Manos: A History of Labor in Latin America

The objective of this intensive ten day workshop is to examine the history, development, and reality of labor in Latin America. How have countries in the region addressed issues of a globalizing world while attempting to hold true to tradition and responsibility to their citizens. Particular attention will be placed on groups that have been routinely excluded from the conversation on labor relations, politics, and identities. Teachers will be able to implement themes presented in this workshop into their standards based lesson plans.

The workshop will be led by an expert group of scholars who will provide the historic and social context to explain how different Latin American nations have developed and maintained labor practices in pre-Colombian times, during the time of the conquista, and throughout independence. Participants will also be exposed to some current socio-cultural issues facing Latin America. In addition to content related sessions, the 10-day program will include curriculum development workshops. Teachers will look at the curriculum implications of the materials presented by the scholars. They will then be guided into the development of the curriculum materials and lesson plans that improve reading, writing, analyzing, synthesizing and communication skills. Participants will gain in-depth understanding of how to examine labor through its history, politics, economics, art and literature.

Teachers will gain keen insight into Latin American labor and look beyond traditional history books and media reports to learn about the complexity and intricacy of each nation’s labor development. Furthermore, with the increase in the Latino/a immigrant population in Southern California, teachers will be equipped with important skills that will lead to understanding of the cultural heritages, histories, and struggles of students that are recent or first-generation immigrants. The sessions will provide teachers with a variety of resources and call upon them to design lesson plans they can use in their classes. Lessons will include methods for improving reading, writing, analytical skills, synthesizing, and oral communications. Research techniques will be a central focus of the curriculum units. Lesson plans will include accommodations for special needs students, including how to encourage students to work collaboratively and respect the talents of each member of their groups.

4 LAUSD multicultural general salary credits or 4 University Extension quarter-units.  Most suitable for middle school and high school history and social studies teachers.  The seminar fee of $150 includes registration, accreditation, parking, refreshments and educational materials.