Marjorie Goodwin

Department: Anthropology
Fowler A332
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Keywords: Mexico, Guatemala


Linguistic Anthropology

Research Interests

Ethnography of communication, human interaction, conversation analysis, language and gender, workplace ethnography, children's social organization.

Selected Publications

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In press "Participation" (with Charles Goodwin). In A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology. Alessandro Duranti, ed. Oxford: Blackwell.

2003 "Affect, Participation Structure and Occasioned Knowledge Exploration in Family Interaction." Sloan Working Paper.

2003 "Gender, Ethnicity, and Class in Children's Peer Interactions." In Handbook of Language and Gender. Janet Holmes and Miriam Meyerhoff, eds. Pp. 229-51. Oxford: Blackwell.

2002 "Exclusion in Girls' Peer Groups: Ethnographic Analysis of Language Practices on the Playground." Human Development 45: 392-415.

2002 "Building Power Asymmetries in Girls' Interactions." Discourse in Society 13.6: 715-30.

2002 "Multi-modality in Girls' Game Disputes" (with Charles Goodwin and Malcah Yaeger-Dror). Journal of Pragmatics 34:1621-49.