Juan Gomez-Quiñones

Department: Department of History
Box 951473
6265 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1473
Tel: 310-825-4362
Fax: 310-206-9630
Keywords: Mexico

Professor Gómez-Quiñones specializes in the fields of political, labor, intellectual, and cultural history. From 1969 to the present he has taught university classes each year and has delivered papers before professional historical societies and other professional venues in the United States and Mexico. During this time, he has completed several research projects, relating to political/labor history and public policy. Among his over 30 published writings are the books or monographs: Mexican American Labor.•.. 1790-1990; The Roots of Chicano Politics: 1600-1940; Chicano Politics 1940-1990; Porfirio Diaz-Los Intellectuals; Sembradores: Ricardo Flores Magón and the PLM; Mexican Students for La Raza, and the articles "On Culture," "Caso and the Idea of Progress," "Toward a Perspective on Chicano History," "Chicano Labor Conflict and Organizing, 1900-1920," "Mexican Immigration to the United States," "Critique on the National Question," "The Relations Between the Mexican Community in the United States and Mexico," and "Questions Within Women's Historiography," and the recent "What Comes Around Goes Around," "Outside/Inside, Popular Culture in the Making," "The Border as Image (Sp.);" "A Triangular Paradigm on Hybridities"; "Latino-Latino Americans (co-author)"; "A.Caso Las ironias de un modernista;" "Tlecuauhila zupeuth/Guadalupe/Tonantzin"; "2X2=4, 2 Essays on Indigeneity and Indigenitude"; and "Sin Frontera, Sin Cuartel (PLM, 1900-1930)." He is completing a study on historical arts and culture, "Times and Seasons," and a collection of essays on ethics and literary and ideological actors, "North and South." His current major book project (co-author) is on the CCM mobilizations of the 60s and 70s decades, Aztlan Making and an autobiography.