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Edited by Jaime E. Rodríguez O.
The Revolutionary Process in Mexico
Essays on Political and Social Change, 1880-1940
320 pp., ill., bibl., index
0-87903-073-9Cloth $34.50 Available Now. Latin American Studies, Vol. 72

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Distinguished scholars discuss continuity and change in Mexico during the period 1880–1940. Their essays treat the Revolution as part of the continuum of the national experience, shifting the focus of analysis from events to processes. In four parts—The Antecedents, The Revolution, The Consequences, and Comments—the volume illustrates the complexity of the revolutionary process in Mexico. “. . . this is a useful book, with several outstanding essays and a number of solid period pieces. Six of the 12 essays are in Spanish, and the work contains a short collection of photographs from the era of the Revolution and an extensive bibliography. It is exceptionally well edited and free of errata. The revisionist theme is lightly applied, neither limiting the offerings nor overwhelming the authors' conclusions.” —Hispanic American Historical Review “This is a work well done on many levels, and deserves our attention because it gives us perspectives on different research strategies, from the local to the international. It also demonstrates the utility of multifaceted research projects that focus on a central theme.” —The Latin American Anthropology Review