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Matt Muldavin

Position and company: Head of Human Capital, Magma Partners Venture Capital
Country of work: Mexico
Degree Attained at UCLA: BA in Economics and Spanish
Graduation Year: 2018
How did the coursework and research you did while a student at UCLA prepare you for an international career?
UCLA offered me all the opportunities to explore what I really wanted to do, even if it wasn't considered a traditional path. I arrived to UCLA speaking no Spanish, and not sure what I wanted to do, and left four years later with double majors in Economics and Spanish. Today, I use what I learned in each of those majors daily in my career.
What sort of opportunities has working abroad presented you with?
I have met people I never could have met by staying in the US, and have gained a completely  different perspective on life. I've had the opportunity to get to know amazing people and cultures throughout Latin America.
What do you think are the most important components of educating students to be culturally competent global citizens, no matter their major?
The most important thing is to offer students many opportunities to get to know different cultures. Students need to be genuinely curious, willing to learn about new cultures, and be comfortable with some uncertainty. For those that go abroad, mastering the local language is crucial.