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Ken D. Duong

Position and company: Managing Attorney, Duong Global Business Consulting Group
Country of work: Vietnam
Degree Attained at UCLA: BA in Economics, Minor in Spanish and Computer Specialization
Graduation Year: 2004
What inspired or motivated you to pursue work abroad? Was this always your plan?
I always had the itch to live abroad, especially after my EAP program in Alcala de Henares, Spain in 2003 at UCLA and then Bangkok, Thailand in 2006 during my JD/MBA studies at Golden Gate University in SF. Also, being ethnically Vietnamese and Chinese, since 2000, I felt that the Asian century was coming and thus position myself to work in Asia to catch the opportunities. It was always part of the plan.
What sort of opportunities has working abroad presented you with?
I currently manage the Vietnam office of our global firm based in California with offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore as well. Having lived in Vietnam since 2013, I have personally travelled to over 30 countries, represented clients from over 15 countries, and helped thousands of companies invest all over the world. Moreover, being in Vietnam has allowed me to invest into other businesses outside of law, such as retail - bars, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and spas, entertainment, manufacturing, and marketing agencies. 
Can you speak a little bit about your career and how it has progressed since graduating from UCLA?
Since graduating in 2003, I completed by JD/MBA in 2008, and my LLM in Taxation
and passed the California bar exam in 2009. In 2009, I opened our current international law and business consulting firm - Duong Global Business Consulting Group - in California, 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand in 2016 and Singapore in 2019. Currently, I am an investor, attorney and also CEO of the Duong Global Group with various industries invested such as restaurants and marketing agencies.
Are you involved in any international UCLA alumni groups or support networks?
Yes, currently I am in the Founding President of UCLA Alumni Vietnam network.