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2016-2017 Asia Pacific Center Fellowship Recipients

Taiwan Studies Lectureship Graduate Fellowship

Spencer Chen, Anthropology (Summer 2016)
Project title: “Capitalizing Language and Pride: Negotiations of Lingua-cultural Identities between Taiwanese Guides and Mainland Chinese Tourists

Matthew Fox, Sociology (Summer 2016)
Project title: “In the Aftermath of Scandal: A Comparison of the Construction of Ethics Laws in Taiwan and the United States

Andrew Le, Sociology (Fall 2016)
Project title: “Taiwan’s Role in Global Migration and the Creation of an ‘Accidental’ Community

Toulouse-Antonin Roy,
History (Fall 2016)
Project title: “Primitive Accumulation Camphor Capitalism and the Conquest of Aboriginal Taiwan 1895-1915

Taiwan Studies Lectureship Faculty Travel Grant

Bin Wong, History (Summer 2016)
Project: Research using late Qing Ministry of Commerce archives and collection of statecraft writings
Partner institution: Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

Stephen Acabado,
Anthropology (September 2016 and January 2017)
Project title: “Dynamic Spatial Governance in the Mountain Social-ecological System: Case Study of the Tayal Communities in the Watershed of Shih-Men Reservoir
Partner institution: National Chengchi University

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Graduate Fellowship

Kathryn Cai, English
Project title: “Everyday heath in contemporary China: narratives of wellbeing in bodily practice fiction news media and popular culture

Kevin Shih,
Project title: “Where is China's Facebook? Comparing the popularity and growth trajectories of Internet brokers in the US and China

Hiroshi Wagatsuma Memorial Faculty Grant

Katsuya Hirano,
Project title: “Third Trans-Pacific Workshop: Politics of Life/Death


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Published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017