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Visualizing Central Asia

Videos created by UCLA students

About “Visualizing Central Asia”

During the summer of 2020, the UCLA Program on Central Asia invited students to create short videos about the Central Asian region. These projects explore the students’ connections with the area, drawing on relevant courses, study abroad, research, and/or issues of personal concern. The videos cover a range of topics including politics, society, language, food, architecture, and gender. Together, they offer a portrait of Central Asia from a variety of perspectives, contributing to our understanding of a region that is often overlooked.


"The Architecture of Almaty, Kazakhstan: A Research Abroad Adventure" by Alexa Black


"Tajikstan" by Julie Ershadi


"Kazakhstan Food" by Camille Lanese


"A Chef's Story" by Nivedita Nath


"The Benefits of Virtual Study Abroad Programs" by Juliette Oliver


"Bhutan" by Brian Young

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Published: Wednesday, December 2, 2020