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UCLA Program on Central Asia Statement of Support for Afghan Students and Scholars
Herat, Afghanistan. (Photo: United Nations via Flickr; cropped. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Link)

UCLA Program on Central Asia Statement of Support for Afghan Students and Scholars

In light of the tragic events currently unfolding in Afghanistan, the UCLA Program on Central Asia (PoCA) wishes to emphasize that the study of the history, languages, arts and cultures of Afghanistan constitutes one of the main axes of its institutional mission.

We cannot remain silent while witnessing such an unprecedented humanitarian, political, and socio-cultural crisis. These days, incommensurable threats endanger the lives and rights of Afghan students, scholars, artists and translators, especially those who are women, LGBTQ+, or belong to ethnic or religious minorities. We wholeheartedly convey our sympathy toward these groups at risk. Moreover, The program pledges to facilitate in any way possible, including boosting our fundraising efforts, the transfer of Afghan students, scholars, and artists to safe spaces of study, research, and creative expression.

We hope that our intellectual and institutional efforts will contribute to the fostering of federal and international political actions leading to the rescue and protection of our Afghan colleagues. We also hope that, in spite of our limited resources, the renewed impetus of our programs will inspire our audiences and interlocutors to stand by us in supporting the people of Afghanistan and their rich cultural heritage.

To support UCLA's emergency effort for Afghan scholars at risk, please visit the UCLA crowdfunding site for donations.

For more information about Afghan studies at UCLA, visit our PoCA page.