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2018 Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference: A New Era of Economic Ties and Bilateral Investment for the U.S. and China

Friday, April 20, 2018
11:30 AM - 7:00 PM
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Various Locations

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The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, presented his report to the 19th Party Congress to outline China’s mid and long-term development goals over the next three decades. Innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and inclusiveness will be the five guiding principles to ensure the country’s goal of building a “moderately prosperous society” will be achieved by 2020. Meanwhile, the U.S. under President Donald Trump is reevaluating its approach to trade, especially with respect to China, but no major policy shifts appear imminent despite the recognition by the U.S. of the importance of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Threats of protectionism, trade walls, and increased tariffs have thus far failed to blunt the rising trade between the two Pacific powers. New cross-border partnerships are being formed and new opportunities are opening up for trade and investment in a number of key sectors from energy to finance.

The 2018 Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference will bring together successful U.S. and Chinese leaders, investors and influencers from a variety of industries and sectors who will discuss the importance of innovation, collaboration and new technology, as well as diversification and localization. They will share their insights on emerging trends, identify bright spots for future investment and explore new and creative investment strategies and partnerships that take advantage of opportunities in this new era of economic ties and bilateral investment between the world’s two superpowers.

What to Expect:

--Successful and influential U.S. and Chinese business leaders and experienced investors across a variety of industries and sectors with expertise in cross-border business and investment

--Plenary and breakout sessions around the themes of: innovation, collaboration and advanced technology and transformation, diversification and localization – new and important investment strategies and partnerships.

--Topics include advanced technologies; real estate; media and entertainment; entrepreneurship, investment and growth strategies; and financial risk, monetary policy and SOE reforms

--Catered networking reception

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Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, Asia Pacific Center, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC)