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Chinese Policy Toward International Giving in the COVID Era

Global Chinese Philanthropy Lecture

Chinese Policy Toward International Giving in the COVID Era

Global Chinese Philanthropy Lecture by Mark Sidel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday, February 23, 2023
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)
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Online via Zoom webinar

Professor Mark Sidel will discuss China’s policies toward international as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan offers of aid to China in the Covid era, comparing recent policies to China’s policies after the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan (2008) and the Tangshan earthquake (1976). He will discuss the special policies adopted in China to deal with those offers of aid, and the overall policy and regulatory framework in which China has responded. He will also discuss a different but related issue of international cooperation with China in the Covid era – the long and complex interactions over the provision and availability of mRNA vaccines in China.

Mark Sidel is Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a longtime specialist on philanthropy and civil society in China, India, Vietnam and Asia more generally. He served in program positions supporting civil society and philanthropy at the Ford Foundation in Beijing, Hanoi, Bangkok, and New Delhi before entering academic life. Sidel has written extensively on state-society relations in Asia and on policy toward and regulation of philanthropy and nongovernmental organizations across the region, including more than four decades of work on China. He has consulted widely with foundations, NGOs, aid agencies, and international organizations.

This quarterly lecture series is part of the Global Chinese Philanthropy Research and Training Program. Interested individuals who RSVP and complete the requirements can earn a Certificate of Participation from the UCLA International Institute.