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Ailee Moon

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Associate Professor of Social Welfare

Department: Social Welfare CA
Phone: (310) 825-6219
Fax: (310) 206-7564
Email: aileem@ucla.edu

Keywords: Korea


Ph.D. in Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley 
Associate Professor of Social Welfare 

Dr. Moons areas of research interest include social welfare policy, program evaluation, and gerontology. As a principal investigator on a five-year inter-university consortium research project funded by the California Department of Social Services, she recently completed an evaluation study of the implementation of family preservation and support programs in California.

Dr. Moon is also active in gerontological research, particularly, in the areas of elder abuse, mental health, and service utilization. Currently, she is a Hartford Geriatric Social Work Faculty Scholar, funded to study Cultural and Non-Cultural Factors in Elder Abuse Assessment and Intervention.?Dr. Moon and her colleagues completed a study, titled A Multicultural Study of Attitudes toward Elder Mistreatment and Reporting,?funded by the National Center on Elder Abuse. She was a co-principal investigator with Dr. James Lubben on a four-year study funded by the National Institute on Aging that examines social supports and long-term care use among elderly Korean and non-Hispanic white Americans. Dr. Moon has published 55 articles, book chapters, research reports and monographs.

Dr. Moon is serving as the director of the Department's Ph.D. program.

Selected Publications:  

Moon, A., Lubben, J. & Villa, V. (1998). Awareness and Utilization of Community Long-Term Care Services by Elderly Koreans and Non-Hispanic White Americans. The Gerontologist, 38(3), 309-316.

Moon, A., & Evans-Campbell, T. (1999). Awareness of Formal and Informal Sources of Help for Victims of Elder Abuse Among Korean American and Non-Hispanic White Elders in Los Angeles. Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect, 11(3), 1-23.

Moon, A. & Benton, D. (2000). Tolerance of Elder Abuse and Attitudes toward Third- Party Intervention Among African American, Korean American, and White Elderly. Journal of Multicultural Social Work, 8 (3/4), 283-303.

Moon, A., Furman, W., Hawes, R., Potts, M., & Ortiz, E. (2001). Impact Study Report 1 and 2: System Changes and Client Impacts. The California Family Preservation/Family Support Program Statewide Evaluation Study. Report submitted to California Department of Social Services, Child Welfare Service Policy Bureau.