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PAI statement on Military attacks on Armenians in Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh

PAI statement on Military attacks on Armenians in Artsakh/Nagorno-KarabakhArtsakh (Photo by Nare Gevorgyan on Unsplash, 2020; Cropped)

We at the PAI express our great concern and condemnation of the new attacks by Azerbaijan on the ethnic Armenian civilian population of Artsakh.


This past weekend we were shaken by the news of the large scale attacks by Azerbaijan on the ethnic Armenian civilian population of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), triggering a military conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia that could spill well beyond the South Caucasus and threaten international security. We at The Promise Armenian Institute express our great concern and strong condemnation of these new attacks and further escalation of fighting, especially during a deadly pandemic.We are also alarmed at rising instances of anti-Armenian rhetoric and increasing documentation of military support to Azerbaijan from the Republic of Turkey.


It is in the best interests of the region as well as the international community for the fighting to cease and for there to be a return to peace negotiations.We join numerous members of the US Congress, the United Nations, and the OSCE-Minsk Group in calling for a ceasefire and de-escalation in inflammatory rhetoric, and a return of international monitors to the region. We firmly believe that diplomacy is the only path to peace and safety in the region.


For updates on this rapidly changing situation, please see the links below. To read our July statement on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, please visit



Ann Karagozian

Director, The Promise Armenian Institute at UCLA

Distinguished Professor, UCLA Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Published: Tuesday, September 29, 2020