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Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Promise Armenian Institute is pleased to announce that one-year postdoctoral fellowships are available to Ph.D. or other doctoral recipients from outside of or within UCLA.

One or more competitive postdoctoral fellowships are available each year to recent PhD recipients in fields represented within Armenian studies, such as Armenian language, literature, and history, as well as all other academic fields — including but not limited to the social sciences, health sciences, humanities, music, arts, engineering, and public policy — with a research emphasis on Armenia or Armenians. Scholars from outside of UCLA are welcome to apply, as are UCLA-based scholars.  

Applicants must: Identify UCLA based faculty and/or research resources associated with their proposed research

Click Here to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship 

Applications Accepted Beginning: March 1, 2021

Applications Due: April 15, 2021 NOTE: Reference letters due April 30, 2021

Applicants Notified By: June 1, 2021

To apply, complete the electronic application; late or incomplete applications will not be considered. The Faculty Advisory Committee of the Promise Armenian Institute, with additional UCLA faculty as necessary, will review applications. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who qualifies to apply for the postdoctoral fellowship?
A: To qualify for an appointment as a Postdoctoral Scholar, an individual must:
1. Hold a doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.D.) or the foreign equivalent.
2. Provide evidence of completion of a doctoral degree within the past ten years.
3. Have no more than five years of cumulative postdoctoral service, including postdoctoral service at other institutions.
Q: For how long is the appointment and what is the expected time commitment?
A: PAI Postdoctoral fellowship is for one year (12 months). And Postdoctoral Scholars are full-time FLSA6-exempt professional appointees. Postdoctoral Scholars are appointed with the expectation that they will have a full-time involvement in scholarly pursuits.
Q: Are teaching duties part of the appointment?
A: In addition to the primary responsibility of conducting research, the postdoctoral appointee may also undertake leadership, service, and teaching activities that together provide a training experience essential for professional development and career advancement.
Q: Should I contact the potential UCLA faculty mentor before applying?
A: Yes. This application requires three references, one from the applicant’s graduate advisor, one from the UCLA faculty member who would potentially supervise or be associated with the proposed postdoctoral research (mentor), and one additional professional reference. Faculty mentors are responsible for guiding and monitoring the advanced training of Postdoctoral Scholars at UCLA.

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Published: Monday, February 8, 2021