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Thanksgiving Medical Mission for the Armenian International Medical Fund

Thanksgiving Medical Mission for the Armenian International Medical Fund


Los Angeles, CA—The Armenian International Medical Fund (AIM Fund) completed its 24th medical mission during the week of Thanksgiving; this was its second mission trip in 2022. Fifteen children and adults were treated; of these, six children received cochlear implants (CI) and the remaining were complicated ear surgeries. In addition, one soldier with a shattered skull from a blast was operated on, and his hearing was restored.

All complicated ear surgeries and cochlear implant surgeries are performed by Dr. Akira Ishiyama, professor and otology surgeon at UCLA Health, who volunteers his time and expertise as the principal surgeon of the CI program in Armenia. Armenia is the only country in the region to offer the latest generation of implants and processors, thanks to the work of the AIM Fund and Dr. Ishiyama’s exceptional skills and outcomes.  At this mission, William Guinhawa, RN from UCLA Health accompanied Dr. Ishiyama. This was William’s first trip to Armenia and travel expenses were supported by the AIM Fund.

In addition, Dr. Salpy Akaragian, founder and president of AIM Fund, provides her professional expertise and leadership to the mission of the AIM Fund by spending much of the year in Armenia, taking care of logistics and meeting with parents and government entities. Earlier this year, Mr. Arayik Harutyunyan, Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister, honored Drs. Akira Ishiyama and Salpy Akaragian with Certificates of Appreciation, recognizing the critical work of the AIM Fund.

AIM Fund is pleased to end the year with a total of 25 cochlear implant surgeries and 14 ear surgeries, achieving a new milestone!

In a season of gratitude, AIM Fund extends its sincere appreciation to the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Services, Erebouni Medical Center, Arabkir Medical Center, and parents for their strong collaborations and help in completing another successful medical mission. Similarly, AIM Fund is grateful to all who participate in this innovative healthcare program in Armenia, especially its generous donors.

To date, AIM Fund has implanted over 175 children and young adults in Armenia and continues strengthening its CI program. AIM Fund is a non-profit organization; all officers and members are volunteers.

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Published: Saturday, December 17, 2022