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[Fowler Museum Event] Poetry Under the Stars

[Fowler Museum Event] Poetry Under the Stars

The Armenians identified Hayk—the legendary patriarch and founder of the Armenian nation—with the constellation Orion. Hayk is also the name of the constellation Orion in the Armenian translation of the Bible.

Join the Fowler Museum for an evening of poetry that will transport guests to the primordial homeland of Armenia.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Pacific Time)
Fowler Museum Terrace
308 Charles E Young Dr N
Los Angeles, CA 90024
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Following the Armenian genocide of 1915, survivors settled into their forced homelands in the Middle East, where different cultures met and intertwined. Many of those survivors emigrated again to the New World, America, where they arrived with two suitcases and heavy hearts filled with the intangible materiality of traditions and customs from the homeland.

Five published and award winning Armenian-American poets—Shahe Mankerian, Tina Demirjian, Raffi Joe Wartanian, Arthur Kayzakian and Armine Iknadossian—will converse with each other through their poems. Their evocative dialogues will be punctuated by interludes by poet-musician Raffi Joe Wartanian, who will infuse the warm timbre of the oud, a Middle Eastern string instrument into the gathering.

Refreshments will be served.