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China Bridges International Fellowship Programs

China Bridges International Fellowship Program


China Bridges International (CBI), formerly known as the China-Cornell Fellowship Program, consists of a spectrum of fellowship programs to support the best qualified and most highly committed scientists, educators, and engineers in the United States and other western countries to develop collaborative projects of scientific research, teaching and technology transfer with fellow scientists in China. The program was established in early 1992 to develop a model for China and the other developing countries to partially revert the "brain drain" phenomena. China Bridges International is committed to promote international exchanges and collaboration between China and the rest of the world by strengthening existing and developing new fellowship programs.
Collaborative Research/Teaching Fellowships: This is a continuation and expansion of the current fellow program. This program supports highly qualified and committed young Chinese scientists of any discipline who are currently residing in the United States or other western countries to spend two to three months per year for three years as adjunct faculty members in a Chinese institution to develop collaborative research and/or teaching programs.

Career Enhancement Fellowships: This program will support western-educated Chinese scientists who have taken a permanent position in China and have demonstrated leadership potential in their areas of research in China. CBI plans to award approximately 100 fellowships each year from a pool of thousands of prominent young Chinese professors selected initially by the Chinese Foundation for Overseas Studies of CSEC.

Other Fellowship Programs: CBI and the Chinese State Bureau for Foreign Experts are currently discussing the possibility of developing a joint fellowship program to support scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs of the United States or other western countries to provide technical expertise, or managerial and policy consultations to Chinese industry, governmental agency, or product-oriented research institutions. A list of needed areas will be available soon for recruiting fellows. Some specific joint fellowships for agriculture, medicine and social sciences are also under development

Application and for more information

China Bridges International has established its headquarters at the University of Connecticut, with an associate office at Cornell University and an executive office in China. Information on any of the fellowship programs may be obtained from any of the CBI offices or from the program co-sponsors in China. All applicants are required to complete an Expression of Interest Form (available at the CBI headquarters). Following an initial screening for eligibility, the CBI director will send the applicant a letter of invitation for fellowship application, or a letter of rejection. Applicants who have been invited for application must submit the following materials to the CBI headquarters at the University of Connecticut:
*A cover letter to indicate interest and goals;
*Curriculum vitae including list of publications;
*Three letters of recommendation;
*A letter of institutional endorsement from the supervisor of the applicant;
*A letter of invitation by the host institute

All applicants will be reviewed by a scientific review committee consisting of faculty members of a top U.S. university depending on specific disciplines. The application materials of the top candidates selected by the committee, along with the committee recommendations, will be forwarded to the China co-sponsors for final selection and matching support.

For more information

Please contact:
Dr. Xiangzhong Yang, Director China Bridges
International Office of International Affairs
University of Connecticut
1315 Storrs Rd. Unit 160
Storrs, Connecticut 06269 U.S.A.
Tel: 860-486-4189
Fax: 860-486-2963

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Published: Wednesday, December 1, 2004