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POSTPONED: Indo-European Linguistics of Central Asia II

Workshop with Hrach Martirosyan, Lecturer in Eastern Armenian, Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Note: This meeting has been postponed. A new date will be posted when available.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of the Indo-European language family and major hypotheses regarding possible Proto-Indo-European homelands. Also, the workshop will address Indo-European origins of Armenian language, the place of Armenian in the Indo-European language family, and the age of the Armenian language. The workshop will have a particular focus on the practical investigation of the parallels and connections between various Indo-European languages, such as German, English, Latin, Greek, French, Russian, Farsi, Sanskrit, and Armenian, and possibly reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European words.

This is the second meeting of a two-part workshop series. Part I will be held on Tuesday, February
4, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

RSVP IS REQUIRED. Pizza and refreshments will be served. All proceedings will be in English.

Hrach Martirosyan is currently Lecturer in Eastern Armenian in the department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at UCLA. His dissertation “Etymological Dictionary of the Armenian Inherited Lexicon” forthcoming from Brill (c. 1000 pp.) forms part of the larger project to compile an Indo-European Etymological Dictionary. Thereafter, he moved to Leiden University as a Guest Lecturer in the field of Classical Armenian from an Indo-European perspective (2011-2015). During his postdoc at the Institute of Iranian Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna (2015- 2017), he investigated Armenian personal names of Iranian origin under the supervision of Velizar Sadovski in the framework of an Iranian Prosopographical Dictionary.
The Central Asia Workshop is an interdisciplinary discussion group sponsored by the UCLA Program on Central Asia. The goal of the workshop is to encourage graduate student research on Central Asia by creating a space where students and interested faculty can discuss research, theory and ideas with others who have experience or interest in the region. The workshop is a forum for exploring recent research and classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives that inform work in Central Asia. Weekly discussions are led by members on a rotating basis, and topics are determined by group interests.


For information about joining the Central Asia Workshop, contact the organizers at caw@international.ucla.edu.

The workshop is open to graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and researchers. RSVP is required.