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The UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies trains scholars and educates members of the broader community about Buddhist religion and culture in all of their diversity. Among U.S. universities, only UCLA aspires to cover all of the major traditions in this world religion.

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TALK CANCELED: How Japanese Buddhists Tried to Make Bad Kids Good

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TALK IS CANCELED This talk tracks how ensuing debates over patriotic ritual, moral instruction, vocational training, and sex education reflected uncertainties about the relationship between religion, democratic citizenship, and capitalist subjectivity.

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The Berenike Buddha: Early Buddhism and Indian Trade Diaspora in the Red Sea

Online workshop on the Indian finds from the archaeological site in Berenike, an ancient port city of Egypt. The presentations will focus on Indian sculpture, a marble Buddha, two sculpture frags of Buddha statuettes, a stele with images of three Hindu deities and a Sanskrit inscription with laconic Greek paraphrasing.

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In Memoriam: Diego Loukota, ‘Once-in-a-Generation' Intellect

Diego Loukota, a UCLA specialist in Indian and Central Asian Buddhism and assistant professor of Asian languages and cultures, died on March 17, 2024. He was 38 years old.
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Family love leads donor to create two endowed scholarships at UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies

Kyung Ki (Cindy) Min has created two endowed scholarships at the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies that provide valuable support to students of Buddhism.
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