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The UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies trains scholars and educates members of the broader community about Buddhist religion and culture in all of their diversity. Among U.S. universities, only UCLA aspires to cover all of the major traditions in this world religion.

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Buddhist Manuscripts from Gandhāra: Birch Bark, Brahmans, Bits and Bytes

This lecture will give an overview of the currently known corpus of Gāndhārī manuscripts and discuss how they are being preserved, studied and published in both print and digital editions. The lecture also will take as an example and discuss in detail a Gāndhārī commentary on early Buddhist verses now preserved in the British Library.

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On Cāntisirī: Buddhism and Brahmanism amongst the Ikṣvākus

Prof. Alice Collett (University of St. Andrews) will introduce the Ikṣvākus and life in their ancient city, then discuss the seeming interplay of Buddhism and Brahmanism within the life of Cāntisirī, a royal Ikṣvāku woman.

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Robert and Christina Buswell to establish first permanent endowed chair in Korean Buddhist studies outside of Korea

Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies Robert Buswell and his wife Christina Buswell have made gift commitments to create both an endowed chair and a graduate research fellowship in Buddhist Studies at UCLA.
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An interview with Robert Buswell, renowned scholar of Korean Buddhism

Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies Robert Buswell reflected on his life and work ahead of a two-day conference in honor of his retirement from UCLA.
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