Edited and Translated by John Jorgensen
1. Historical Background
2. Importation of Kanhua Chan into Goryeo Korea
3. Some Terms of Kanhua Ch’an
4. Language of the yulu
5. Note by the English Translator
1. General Considerations
The Seon Recorded Sayings and the Sutras
Methodological Elements in the Chan yulu
2. The Seon Dharma of the Korean Seon Recorded Sayings
A. Recorded Sayings of Jin-gak
B. Recorded Sayings of Baeg-un
C. Recorded Sayings of Taego
D. The Recorded Sayings of Naong
3. Bibliographical Data
A. Recorded Sayings of Jin-gak
B. Recorded Sayings of Baeg-un
C. Recorded Sayings of Taego
D. Recorded Sayings of Naong
1.Formal Sermons
Formal Sermon 1
Formal Sermon 2
Formal Sermon 3
Formal Sermon 4
Formal Sermon 5
Formal Sermon 6
Formal Sermon 7
Formal Sermon 8
Formal Sermon 9
Formal Sermon 10
Formal Sermon 11
Formal Sermon 12
Formal Sermon 13
Formal Sermon 14
Formal Sermon 15
Formal Sermon 16
Formal Sermon 17
Formal Sermon 18
Formal Sermon 19
Formal Sermon 20
Formal Sermon 21
Formal Sermon 22
Formal Sermon 23
Formal Sermon 24
Formal Sermon 25
Formal Sermon 26
Formal Sermon 27
Formal Sermon 28
Formal Sermon 29
Formal Sermon 30
Formal Sermon 31
Formal Sermon 32
Formal Sermon 33
Formal Sermon 34
Formal Sermon 35
Formal Sermon 36
Formal Sermon 37
Formal Sermon 38
Formal Sermon 39
Formal Sermon 40
Formal Sermon 41
Formal Sermon 42
Formal Sermon 43
Formal Sermon 44
Formal Sermon 45
Formal Sermon 46
Formal Sermon 47
Formal Sermon 48
Formal Sermon 49
Formal Sermon 50
Formal Sermon 51
Formal Sermon 52
Formal Sermon 53
Formal Sermon 54
Formal Sermon 55
Formal Sermon 56
Formal Sermon 57
Formal Sermon 58
Formal Sermon 59
2. Informal Sermons
Informal Sermon 1
Informal Sermon 2
Informal Sermon 3
Informal Sermon 4
Informal Sermon 5
Informal Sermon 6
Informal Sermon 7
Informal sermon 8
3. Dharma Talks
A. Instructions to Seon Person Gwang-am
B. Instructions to Eminence Jang
C. Instructions to Layman Wi Jeonggyu
D. Instruction to His Eminence Jiju
E. Instructions to Vice-Minister Ki
F. The (Dharma) Talk Requested by His Eminence Damjun
G. The (Dharma) Talk Sought by Vice-Minister Son
4. Letters of Reply
-Reply to Minister Choe
-Another reply
-Reply to Minister No
-Reply to the Consort of the Lord JinGang, the Person of the Way (Surnamed) Wang: With a Letter of ----  Questions Appended
1. Trivial Talks on appointment as abbot at Sin-gwang Monastery
A. At the Outer Mountain (Triple) Gate
B. At the Buddha Hall
C. At the Abbot’s Quarters
D. Trivial Talks on Appointment as Abbot of Heungseong Monastery 興聖寺入院小說
2. Formal Sermons
Formal Sermon 1
Formal Sermon 2
Formal Sermon 3
Formal Sermon 4
Formal Sermon 5
Formal Sermon 6
Formal Sermon 7
Formal Sermon 8
Formal Sermon 9
Formal Sermon 10
Formal Sermon 11
Formal Sermon 12
3. Instructions to the Assembly
Instruction 1
Instruction 2
Instruction 3
Instruction 4
Instruction 5
Instruction 6
Instruction 7
Instruction 8
Instruction 9
Instruction 10
4. Patriarchal Teacher Chan
5. Discussion of the Commonality of Chan and Doctrine
6. An Explanation of the Three Verses of Yunmen
7. An Explanation of the Three Verses of Dayang
8. An Explanation of the Three Verses and Three Turning Words of Reverend Naong
A. The Three Verses
B. The Three Turning Words
9. On Receiving a Letter from the Elder Reverend Shiwu
10. The Song of No-mind
11. Letter to Reverend Taego
12. A Letter of Instruction to the Seon Person Seon
13. Letter Sent to Man of Seon Yoseon
14. A Letter Instructing Society Leader Hoesim
15. A Letter Sent to the Elder Cheonho, Superior of the Buddha Hall in the Court
16. A Letter of Instruction to Minister Duke Yi
17. Gāthā on Impending Death
1. Dharma Questionings on Being Appointed Abbot
A. Appointment as Abbot at Bongeun Seon Monastery
B. A Formal Sermon to Suppress Warfare held in the Royal Palace
C. Reappointed as Abbot of Jungheung Seon Monastery on Mt. Samgak
D. Appointment as Abbot at Bong-am Seon Monastery on Mt. Huiyang
E. Appointment as abbot of Borim Seon Monastery on Mt. Gaji
F. Appointed Abbot of Yeongweon Seon Monastery on Mt. Jassi
2. Formal Sermon
3. Instructions to the Assembly
4. Dharma Talks
A. Reply to Layman Bangsan
B. Instructions to Layman Muje
C. Instructions to Metropolitan Graduate Choe
D. Instructions to Layman Saje
E. Instructions to Administrator of the Hall Yeom Heungbang
F. Instructions to Layman Nag-am on the Essentials of Mindfulness of the Buddha
G. Instructions to Layman Baek Chungsin
H. Instructions to Layman Muneung (Minister Duke Bak Seongnyang)
I. Instructions to Seon Person Dang
J. Instructions to Seon Person Jin
K. Instructions for Seon Person Eui
L. In Reply to Senior Elder Damdang Seuk
M. Instructions to Seon Person Mun
N. Instructions for Seon Person So
O. Instruction to Seon Person Ga
P. Instructions to Seon Person Sang
Q. Instructions to the Wife of Lord Ansan, Myodang
R. Instructions to Seon Person Jiseong of Japan
S. Instructions to Seon Person Eui
T. A Caution to the Attendants’ Residence
5. Songs, Chants and Inscriptions
A. Song of the Taego Hermitage
B. Inscription on Investigating Chan
1. The New Abbot’s Initial Sermon at Guangji Chan Monastery
2. (First) Entry to the Cloister of Shenguang Monastery (by the new abbot)
3. Formal Sermon to Commence the Retreat
4. Formal Sermon for the Dissolution of the Retreat
5. Universal Sermon on Entering the Court Chapel
6. Informal Sermon
7. Informal Sermon for New Year’s Eve
8. Universal Sermon
9. Formal Lecture for the Lustration of the Buddha
10. Formal Sermon at the Commencement of a Retreat 2
11. Prayer for the Opening of the Eyes of the Bodhidharma (Statue)
12. The Dawn of the Birthday of Reverend Zhikong
13. The Morning of (Zhikong’s) Entry into Nirvana
14. Instructions to the Assembly
15. Three Sentences on Entering the Gate
16. The Three Turning Words
17. The Words (of Instruction) Handed Down on the Seventeenth Day
18. Ten Paragraphs on Study (of hwadu)
19. The Universal Sermon on the Day of the Bestowal of Veneration by the Royal Teacher on the Twenty-sixth Day of the Eighth Month of the sinhae (Year)
20. Instructions to Head Monk Ilju
21. Instructions for Librarian Hong
22. Instructions for the Seon monk Gakseong
23. Instructions for Minister of State Mok In’gil
24. Instructions to Layman Deuktong
25. Reply to Minister of State Yi Jehyeon
26. Another Reply
27. Instructions to the Administrator of Reports of Matters, Yeom Heungbang
28. The Raising of the Bones of Reverend Zhikong
29. Interment in the Stupa
30. Instructions to Seon Man Gak’o
31. The Lighting (of the Funerary Pyre) for Senior Chiyeo
32. Lighting (the Pyre) for Two Monks
33. (Sermon) for the Burial of the Bones of Great Seon Master Sinbaek
34. Lighting the Pyre for Senior Jibo
35. Instructions to Sungnyeong Ongju, Myoseon
36. Letter in Reply to a Married Younger Sister
37. Substitute Words
38. Investigation and Judgment
39. Evaluations
40. A Formal, Universal Sermon at the Commencement of a Retreat
41. Formal Sermon on the Day of the Dissolution (of a Retreat)

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Published: Wednesday, August 22, 2012